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Bringing Nanotechnology to the Market
We are committed to bringing this technology to the marketplace as rapidly as possible.  Nanotechnology will enable military applications, consumer products and advanced systems with amazing new capabilities for long life and miniature size because of its unique characteristics.

Traditional Reserve Battery Technology

Many applications require a reserve battery. Typical implementations use a mechanical mechanism to combine the materials to create the battery. These technologies have a long shelf life, high reliability, high power densities, wide range of chemistries and wide operational range. But they suffer from:

  • Cannot be easily miniaturized
  • Incompatible with semiconductor processes (Cannot be integrated onto “chips”.)
  • Based upon mechanical activation, are slow to ramp up power
  • Have to maintain separate electrolyte storage and activation mechanism taking up internal space
  • Often are expensive.


Nanotechnology Will Enable a Virtually Unlimited Shelf Life

A battery depends upon a chemical reaction. A variety of chemistries can be used. Nanotechnology provides a unique mechanism to combine the chemicals and control the characteristics of the reaction. Using tubes to provide a “Superhydrophobic NanoStructured Surface” atop of which can be placed an electrolytet.

The electrolyte sits above the tubes and with careful engineering the electrolyte can be made to fall within the space between the tubes encountering a greatly increased surface area and interacting with the tubes themselves to causing current to flow. The fall can be engineered to occur upon a variety of stimuli: voltage, RF and/or others. We believe the primary advantages of this technology include:

  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to miniaturize
  • Quick ramp up to full power
  • Compatible with Semiconductor Processing
  • High Power and Energy Density
  • Wide range of chemistries can be used
  • Inexpensive to mass produce

This Technical Paper describes the technology in more detail.


Upon external stimulus the electrolyte spreads over the surface, essentially creating battery action. 


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