Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Customer engagement represents a strategy that is essential for generating enhanced corporate performance, including sales growth, and profitability. The rationale underlying these assertions is that engaged customers play a key role in viral marketing activity by providing referrals and recommendations of specific products, services, and brands to others. Engaged customers can also play an important role in new product/service development.

Most of the consumers today expect the communications and offers they receive to be tailored to them at a one-to-one level. Back in those days, it was only done through agent interaction, but now technology allows companies to personalize or customize their needs on a large scale without a human to human interaction.

Our engagement depends on notifying the right messages, to the right people, at the right time and place, to help them get to the desired outcome. The channels can vary, but at Mphase we focus on a mix of email and in-app messages, most of our products are accessible over the internet and we ensure that the users get the right information on time with the help of chatbots and customer support.

We ensure not to lose customer contact, so we keep them updated with the products and services they have signed up.

At mPhase, we stand to build our brand loyalty effectively and ensure customer satisfaction as our first priority. With our products such as Nanotechnology based batteries, automated learning management system(LMS), and travel company is committed to deliver the finest services and maintain customer relationships.

We are implementing customer experience projects by focusing on collecting and analysing customer feedback. This is to meet customers’ expectations and improvise our services.