Technology CoE

Technology CoE

A Center of Excellence is a discipline within an organization.

The idea of a Center of Excellence is to build out key methods and expertise over the enterprise. CoE is a set of people – experts in technologies, equipped with an arsenal of best practices and tools.

The goal of COE is to enable enterprises to get the most out of technology, not only within key teams but across the whole organization. The aim is to provide governance and to prioritize efforts. And this can help companies evade classic pitfalls.

Centers of Excellence(CoE) are formed to deal with new technologies, skills or disciplines that don't fit neatly into the enterprise. CoE team is investing in and nurturing most advanced software technologies such as AI/MI, blockchain, etc. The purpose is to bring together a team of highly qualified software and technology experts who can make use of these functionalities and implement them in real-time.

CoE is been used in our verticals, such as in the enhanced travel sector which uses AI/ML and provides great services to travellers, also in the real-time learning management system (LMS) which eases the learning process of students and trainers. It is now concentrating on new-age technologies, which include Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics process automation, etc.

A typical CoE concentrates on technological excellence and also has three important benefits which are :

  • Adoption - It creates the framework for the enterprise for adopting change.
  • Implementation - It establishes the blueprint and is responsible for implementation.
  • Maintenance - It provides a structure for both maintenance and evolution.

Roles and Responsibilities will depend on CoE structure but usually, the team falls into four categories:

CoE Leadership provides great support and governance to the project teams.

The CoE Core Team manages demand and intake from project teams. They are in-charge of standardizing the delivery process and performing the value-add services of the CoE.

A CoE Extended Team develops a platform and application experience and knowledge in their respected domains to support projects. Also, feedback will be provided to the Core Team on ways they can improve service and delivery.

Project Teams may be staffed internally or by Mphase. These teams manage and run the project on the ground. They are accountable for delivering project outcomes, according to the best practices and methodology determined by the CoE.

The concept of CoE is not new, but we have the right team in place to create great resources to entice both top talent and industry collaborations, which plays an important role in digital transformation. This combination will help the commercialization of mPhase owned technologies and create new opportunities.